GPO Services

1. GPO Services is an innovative business solution that was establish in 2008 with the aim to be the "Best Global Business Process Outsourcing Services in Latin America". We don't just offer the opportunity to reduce costs to our clients; also we can increase their efficiency, offering them a real competitive advantage.

GPO estimates that our clients can be able to save between 30% thru 60% of their costs by using our services.

Based in Medellin, Colombia, GPO Services focus is to provide exceptional value for money with no less quality. Our providers are selected from a deep pool of companies that are certified by ISO 9001-2000 international quality systems, which can guaranty you the best quality products.

We strive to stay ahead of changing industry and technology and pass this knowledge and value to our clients.

Unlike the mature Asian market, America is still developing as a source of foreign learning institutions in Australia, America, Europe and other destinations to outsource their non-core functions. This presents a vast untapped opportunity to reduce costs and gain efficiency by using our human talent and technology for growth in the overseas Education market.


GPO is a professional and dynamic organization committed to provide reliable and truthful Business Process Outsourcing solution to all our clients. Through our personalized services and dedicated staff we will guarantee customer satisfaction and an opportunity to reduce costs and gain efficiency.


Be the first choice on Business Process Outsourcing solutions and development for our clients in America.


We are an objective and professional organization that strives to demonstrate integrity in all its dealings with our clients. By outsourcing your non-core functions, you will be able to significantly reduce costs and gain efficiency by using our human talent and technology.

Our systems and processes have been standardized to be able to improve operations and service, mitigating capital investment, turn fixed costs into variable costs as well as have other tangible and intangible benefits.

We are well established with multiple offices and providers that will help you to focus on your core business activities instead of investing capital in overheads that do not offer any financial help.


We, at GPO Services believe that a Business Process Outsourcing is a strategy that our business partners can manage for some of their non-core activities with the aim of reduce costs and increase efficiency. This simple model is a great complement for enabling you to meet your own strategies and tactical goals.

The first step towards making this strategy work for you is to decide which functions should be outsourced, because we understand that not all roles are alike.

Our slogan is, "your non-core activities are our core activities". For this reason, we encourage you to do not focus your resources on duties that can be done by an outsourcing partner like us, which is located on a very strategic place that can give you a big competitive advantage for the American market. Some of our main advantages are:

• Single point gateway to multiple geographic markets.
• Web technology provides seamless integration path to institution resources.
• Our professionalism reflects on yours.

GPO services