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Brochures' printing and Distribution is one of the main products that GPO Services can offer to its clients cutting costs and increasing efficiency. With the combination of advanced printing infrastructure and world class technology we ensure that all our printers have stringent quality assurance methods in place that are based on the ISO 9001:2000 international quality systems

We also save you cost by doing warehousing of all the material you need to distribute in a year, in this way you can print bigger loads of brochures or flyers which reduce the prices and you just send us a list of the agents you want us to distribute or when ever you get requests from your partners you just send us the request and this also increase your efficiency having their request in their door in a maximum timing of 5 days.

Using our Printing, Production and Distribution service, you can gain a range of benefits that would help not only to reduce your cost but also increase your efficiency.

Cut cost
With the help of GPO Services innovative material management system, you can easily save between 30% thru 60% of the costs that you spend on printing, storage and distribution.
Our technology allows you to prioritize or delay the shipments based on its urgency; hence allowing you to reduce the freight costs by choosing the deferred mode where the shipments are not time critical. Also, with our system you can follow the costs on a real time basis.

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