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Our GPO specialized storage and packing service operates together with our distribution service offering to our clients the opportunity to cut costs and increasing efficiency. This service is supported by our online GPO System, which supplies real time stock info, instant quotations, easy ordering with a full order history, agent brochure orders and finance reports. This web-based application is secure, completely free and used by many international language schools, Universities, Technical Institutions and other education providers.

It is also important that our customers know that our distribution service automatically qualify for our FREE storage, packing and distribution services.

Time saving
Using our great location and technology will allow you to save significant time and spend your time in other different tasks than printing, order processing, packaging, dispatch and stock management.

No storage requirements
With GPO Services you would be able to release storage space, which would, not only help you to save on storage costs but it would also give you an opportunity to use the empty space for other purposes.

Real time reporting
Using the GPO Services proprietary technology, you will be in full control of the situation. Our technology offers a range of reports such as publication movements across the world, costs incurred on any single agent or in specific country. You can also monitor the stock levels at any given time just by the click of the mouse button. If you wish to have customized reports that are specifically suitable to your needs, we are able to provide you the same at a nominal cost.

Ask GPO for a free Storage and Distribution quote, or ask our Account Managers how GPO Services can help your business succeed abroad.

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